There are plenty of wedding themes to choose from for your big day. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Romantic theme: A romantic wedding is characterized by candles, roses, beige or pink tablecloths, and a soft, elegant ambience.
  2. Chic theme: This theme highlights an elegant ambience, with elements such as tassel chandeliers, rustic decorations and a relaxed, refined atmosphere.
  3. Provençal theme: A Provençal wedding relies on details evocative of the region, such as olive oil, olive trees and cicadas, creating a warm, Mediterranean atmosphere.
  4. Vintage theme : A vintage wedding creates an atmosphere of yesteryear with antique elements, retro crockery, antique furniture and a nostalgic feel.
  5. Sea theme : This theme evokes a maritime atmosphere with elements such as shells, blue and white colors, and ocean-inspired decoration.
  6. Travel theme : A travel-themed wedding features elements of discovery and adventure, with passport-shaped invitations, decorations inspired by travel destinations, and an exploratory ambiance.
  7. Princess theme : This theme creates a fairytale atmosphere, with majestic elements, castles and a regal ambience.
  8. Music theme : For music lovers, a wedding centered on this theme features musical elements, instruments and a melodious atmosphere.

These themes offer a variety of moods and styles for your wedding, but this list is by no means exhaustive. And we can suggest many more atmospheres!