ƤƦЄƧƬƛƬƖƠƝ ƖƝƔЄƝƬƖƔЄ – Tribute to Mother Nature 🍀

Imagine :
For your reception, we will have set up a space in the middle of a field of flowers 🌻 . If it rains, there’s a tent to welcome you and your guests, so you can enjoy the thousands of surrounding corollas.
The chef will concoct dishes with ingredients straight from his garden 🍅 . And he’ll be suggesting some surprising culinary experiments using cold gelation, high-pressure aromatic exchange, juice insertion by thermal concentration or cold chlorophyll extraction. All this to sublimate the most beautiful things nature has to offer.
In this way, you can combine the pleasure of the view with that of the taste buds, all with a view to sublimating plants !