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Art director decoration

A former ballet dancer, Jérôme is an accomplished man with multiple experiences. He has worked as a choreographer, a costume designer and a stage manager in a variety of settings, including the Paris Opera and Club Med.

All his knowledge led him to what has become his art today: decoration.

His achievements are always accurate and in complete adequacy with the desired project.

Entrusting the decoration of your wedding to Jérôme is the guarantee of a result that will be far beyond what you had imagined.

From an early age, Damien fell in love with flowers.

They are his kingdom, and he has decided to reveal their secret. Because according to him, each one of them has its history.

Also in order to sublimate them, he became France’s champion of the young florists.

For one of the most beautiful days of your life, Damien will know how to put in light his accomplices to magnify your decoration. He will be the guarantor of the plant note of your wedding.

Dare to be inventive, and let yourself be carried away by his talent.


Master florist


Wedding dress designer

After studying at the most prestigious fashion school in London, David became John Galliano’s assistant for a number of years and then continued his career in Helmut Lang’s studios.

With all his experience and although originally from the Highlands, David set up his studio in the heart of Paris, a stone’s throw from the Luxembourg Gardens. The laces of Calais, the silks of Lyon, the trimmings of Saint-Etienne and many others, are the materials he works with to make each of his models.

Entrusting the creation of your gown to David is the guarantee of a unique model with pure lines and a rare elegance. Open your heart to him, let him know what you want. David will know how to imagine and create the very outfit of your dreams which will sublimate you and which you perhaps do not imagine yet!

From his earliest childhood, Edouard has been creating the traditional July 14th fireworks in his grandmother’s garden. His passion has become his profession.

Today he is the artistic director of an internationally renowned, multi-awarded company. Thanks to the colors, the effects and the musical synchronization, his stagings amaze and move theirs lucky spectators.

Allowing Edouard to close your dinner with a fireworks display is the assurance of the most grandiose moment of your wedding.


Artistic director of pyrotechnic shows



Florian is a child of the South West. It is quite naturally that between sea and mountain, he becomes a rider. But after a few years of seasonality, he wishes to give another meaning to his life, because he has another passion: cinema. Also after the crests of the waves and the tops of the mountains, Florian decides to take courses in a school to become a professional videographer.

Camera in hand, this man with a sensitive look, follows the stars of the day. With all his team Florian will realize for you an unforgettable memory: the film of your wonderful day. A few minutes of film to watch without moderation!

You said from the vegetable garden to the plate, what a piece of luck ! This is exactly what Delphine and Alex suggest.

After having worked alongside Guy Savoy, Alexandre Mazia and Jehan Colson for Alex, and in the organization of major events for Delphine, these two kindred spirits who have traveled the world, have decided to continue their common path at the foot of the Pyrenees.

One thing is certain, the area they settle in will provide them with what they need. There is a vegetable garden, an orchard, a citrus garden, a fish pond with its tree frogs… And there are many birds, butterflies and deer…
In his laboratory, Alex invents, tests all the ideas that come to his mind. Each bite is a surprise, an explosion in the mouth. Entrust the gastronomy to these two virtuosos, trust them and the result will be well beyond your expectations. And let the show begin!

Delphine and Alex




The arcane of the kitchen has been the playground of Valentin from his youngest age. After his culinary school, he started working with chefs such as Michel Guérard and the Pourcel brothers. Barely thirty years old, this young prodigy is at the head of several restaurants.

Today, this ambassador of French high gastronomy cooks on all continents, for clients in search of excellence.

If you decide to give Valentin carte blanche for the gastronomic part of your wedding, he will transport your taste buds and those of your guests to lands still unknown to your senses. Let yourself be surprised by this man who cooks with his heart as well as his mind!

A young actor who left the stage in Paris, Jean moved to the South of France to pursue his lifelong passion: photography.

Today he devotes himself fully to it by performing in very different fields: fashion shooting, or shooting for professionals, and of course weddings.

If you choose Jean for your pictures, he will be able to capture all those moments of emotion and magic that will make this day one of the most beautiful of your life.





Margot has always been involved in the wonderful world of jewelry. In 2013 she founded an ethical jewelry store as a family business, with her parents and brother. Her objective is to create recycled gold jewelry with stones chosen from mining partners who respect human rights and the environment. Transparency and traceability are her goal.

The team that works alongside Margot is composed of designers, gemologists and other goldsmiths. Over time these craftsmen have become true artists.

Entrusting the creation of your wedding rings to Margot is the certainty of wearing a jewel for eternity.

Tania has always been interested in the world of graphic design and printing.

After her studies, she decided to become a young entrepreneur, and to devote herself to the world of weddings. She has been dreaming about it since she was a little girl. She designs the invitations, the response cards, the menus, the cups, even the decor for the photobooth.

If you give to Tania the direction of all the graphic part of your event, you are sure to have visuals which resemble you, because her creative mind has no limits.


Graphic designer

Mathilde and Marion


At the age when children dream of princesses or firemen, Mathilde and Marion dreamed of Edward Scissorhands. After studying hairdressing, they started working in a salon of a large regional company.

But they felt a need for freedom. So, these two young wizzards of the scissors and other styling tools decided to have their own salon. For several years now, Mathilde and Marion have been running their own workshop.

Over time, the world of marriage became an obvious choice for them. A desire to offer the bride-to-be an intimate moment, to create the hairstyle that will complete figure, and that will be the ultimate detail of her universe. Today Mathilde and Marion propose an original performance. On wedding days, they close their salon and devote themselves to styling the hair of all the ladies who want it. Entrust them with your hair, simplicity and elegance will be the order of the day!