ƤƦЄƧƬƛƬƖƠƝ ƖƝƔЄƝƬƖƔЄ – Under the golds of Napoleon III

✨The Second Empire, a period of French history under the reign of Napoleon III, is characterized by an opulent, refined style.

A Second Empire-themed wedding will feature elements of the era, such as sumptuous decor, elegant costumes and a luxurious ambience. The Opéra de Paris is the ideal venue for such an event!🩰

As far as clothing is concerned:

For you, Mademoiselle the bride-to-be, and your guests, you could be dressed in bust-fitting crinoline dresses that flare out from the waist down, dresses that are adorned with lace, ribbons and ruffles, and voluminous skirts.

For you and your guests, dark suits with frock coats and vests, tailored pants and shirts with high collars and ties.

For accessories, ladies would wear wide-brimmed hats, gloves, fans, not forgetting jewelry. And you gentlemen in top hats, gloves and canes.

✨As you can see, this theme offers a grand atmosphere with sophistication, creating an incredible event for you and your guests!

Would you like to get married in this grandiloquent atmosphere?