Un mariage eco responsable

An eco-responsible wedding, also known as a “green wedding”, is an event that aims to reduce its impact on the environment. A few ideas for you!

🍀Opt for biodegradable or seeded invitations, or digital invitations to limit paper use.

🍀Choose recycled or second-hand outfits, ethical or made from sustainable and responsible materials.

🍀Use recycled decorative elements, reusable crockery, vintage or bagasse crockery rental sets, and decorations made from sustainable or already-used materials. There are websites where you can find this type of decor.

🍀Prefer eco-responsible wedding rings, created from ethically sourced materials, or recycle gold from your family’s antique jewelry.

🍀Privilege reception venues and service providers that adopt sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices.

By following these few ideas, you can organize an eco-responsible wedding that reflects your values while reducing its impact on the environment.