To choose your wedding venue, you can explore different options depending on your preferences and budget. Here are a few ideas for popular wedding venues:

  1. Wedding estates: Estates often offer vast indoor and outdoor spaces for the ceremony, cocktail party and reception. Some may also offer catering services and accommodation for guests.
  2. Castles and abbeys: Castles and abbeys offer majestic, historic settings for weddings, with picturesque gardens and elegant reception rooms.
  3. Farms and rustic spaces: Renovated farms and rustic spaces offer a relaxed, country atmosphere, perfect for casual weddings.
  4. Reception halls: Numerous reception halls offer flexible spaces for weddings of all sizes, with catering services and equipment to suit.
  5. Unusual locations: Some couples choose unusual venues such as barns, boats, museums or botanical gardens for a unique touch to their wedding.
  6. Finally, there’s your home… we can organize your wedding on your property.

As with everything, it’s all a question of budget!